Recipe Chicken Fried Rice Flour

Recipe Chicken Fried Rice Flour
Recipe Chicken Fried Rice Flour
Chicken Fried Rice Flour is one of chicken-based dishes. The difference in this recipe just add flour when frying chicken, this chicken recipe is very simple, i think everyone can make it easily. In this article I will explain Recipe Chicken Fried Rice Flour with materials that exist in my country (Indonesia). So if you feel weird on my ingredients I mentioned please adjust the ingredients with your usually use for cooking.

Let's look at the ingredients and the making way Chicken Fried Rice Flour:

Material for Chicken Fried Rice Flour:
  1. One chicken cut into 6 pieces
  2. 50 ml of water
  3. 50 gr of rice flour
  4. 200 gr of flour
  5. 1 tea spoon of baking powder
  6. Two eggs
  7. Oil to fry
Some seasoning are mashed:
  1. Three of cloves garlic
  2. 1 tea spoon of pepper
  3. 3cm of ginger
  4. ½ tea spoon of sugar    
  5. 1 tea spoon of salt
  6. And flavoring if you like it.
How to make Chicken Fried Rice Flour:
  1. Mix the chicken pieces with seasoning mashed and water, mix well, and pin-prick with a fork to allow the flavors to infuse. Let stand for 15 minutes, set aside.
  2. Marinate the chicken meat with rice flour, flour and baking powder until blended. Dip in egg, then enter again into the flour mixture.
  3. Fry in plenty of oil and heat. Lower the heat. Fry until the chicken is cooked and dry. Remove, drain and serve with chilli sauce or tomato sauce.

How about this article? I apologize if my english is bad. If you've managed to make it do not forget to share with your friends. Happy cooking.



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